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Local Search Engine Optimization

Is your website hard to find? Need better visibility? Is your site attracting the traffic you had hoped for?  

Web Consulting

Are you puzzled by your web analytics, and stumped when it comes to social media? Then get in touch with one of Webneeds’ personal consultants.  


Online Reputation Management

The Internet builds your name and character. Damaging online information could lead to failure and tainted reputation.    

Logo Creation

Our logo design services provide you with professionally crafted designs and visual masterpieces that fit your business style and are produced at a fraction of the time typically quoted by other design providers.

Website Development

Does your site leave visitors feeling confused or underwhelmed?    


Corporate Branding

Some people say that first impression is often the last one, and there is only one chance to get a good opinion. This is why your corporate identity and brand are extremely important for your business, especially with your online presence.