DatSyn: Is It A Fool-Proof Way to Spread Awareness and Generate Interest

DatSyn: Is It A Fool-Proof Way to Spread Awareness and Generate Interest

Imagine your article or press release being instantaneously syndicated to hundreds of news media outlets and news aggregators, looking for a quick story to share and content to produce. Imagine the kind of publicity you’d get with that kind of buzz – the kind of following you’d achieve if your content would just be out there, seen by potentially millions.

That’s the kind of power DatSyn – the browser-based, subscription-only standalone data syndication tool – claims to offer. But I’m more interested in what exactly DatSyn is – and what it has to offer me (and you).

What Does DatSyn Aim to Be?

According to how it describes its product, DatSyn offers “the fastest way to grow your business, with the leader in Content Syndication.” Its program allows you “to effortlessly distribute your content to numerous social media platforms, news platforms, and other media channels as well as third-party sites using just one application.”

But what does that mean? I went ahead and asked.

“It means that we take your content, your posts and blog posts, and we do the sharing for you,” began the site’s representative. “It’s simple – you know how you spend hours after writing something actually promoting it? It seems like it takes more of an effort to promote your work than it is to produce your work – and that’s not the way it should be.”

Right. That makes sense – but how is it different from a marketing company, or a reputation management company, I ask.

“The content isn’t being pushed in your name,” the representative answered. “A reputation company might build a website and social profile for you to exploit, so you can garner, build and keep a following that continuously consumes your content – but that’s incredibly time consuming and it’s a very, very expensive service. What we do is easier, more direct, and the results come around at a much faster rate. Because we send your content directly to news sources, you’ve got a better chance of being seen, read, and heard.”

How Effective Is Data Syndication, Really?

Data syndication – or alternatively, content syndication – is what DatSyn offers. The service takes your content, then sends it out to various news sources. So I ask – how well does it work?

“It works magically.” But then again, why ask the website’s representative – when I can ask people who have actually used the product?

An independent contractor on Fiverr.com uses DatSyn and resells its service to anyone for a nominal fee – something the company itself doesn’t seem to mind. “Absolutely love it!” exclaimed on enthusiastic client. “Great work. Highly recommended. Will definitely use their services again.”

Another client said: “Another swift service from DatSyn. Always a pleasure doing business with this team. Thank you.”

Sounds good enough – but is it really all due to DatSyn’s content syndication?

“We started simply syndicating content, but about two years ago we made the addition of something more profitable, both for us and our clientele,” said the service representative.

And that “addition” is the inclusion of a video transcript of each and every article and press release, sold separately to the service’s unlimited subscriptions for a nominal fee.

Why Video Content Matters Greatly

The integration of seamless video into the Internet changed the way we consume content forever. Barely anyone reads anymore (sadly). But everyone has time for a two or three minute video (the length of your average blog post, article and press release), as long as the title is catchy enough.

Don’t take my word for it – just take a look at the facts and statistics.

Is DatSyn an Effective Tool for Spreading Your Message?

From what I’ve seen and experienced, DatSyn is a definite solution for people looking for an affordable way to spread their content. There are fancier, more effective methods – but those cost a lot of money, and it’s arguable whether the return on investment is comparable. Then, there are free methods – in other words, yourself – but that again ends up in a loss for you, as time is the most precious commodity there is. Is the service recommendable? Yes, yes it is.

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