FollowAdder: Instagram Fame for Influencers and Marketers

FollowAdder: Instagram Fame for Influencers and Marketers

Instagram, the social platform based on image and video sharing, has gained quite a lot of traction in the marketing world. There are companies that use Instagram seriously as a way to promote their product – and in certain industries, it works quite well. But just like any other social platform, the key to properly utilizing it for leverage is by building your audience.

As a consultant, Instagram is an amazing opportunity. Not because I can use it to promote my business, but because I can promote its use within the right niche with amazing results. So I went ahead and looked through the Internet, going through a few programs to come to a conclusion on a simple task: what tool should I recommend to my clients to make their career in Instagram as efficient and profitable as possible?

I ultimately stumbled upon FollowAdder. Instead of being some flimsy subscription-based campaign system, it’s a straight-up, no-fuss bot. That’s a program that automates what would usually be normal user activity, letting you do in minutes and at the click of a button the kind of thing you’d usually be taking hours to do – spreading your message and responding to comments. But first, an important question:

Is Instagram a Serious Platform for Marketing?

InstagramThis needs to be addressed first – especially because Instagram still has a major reputation as a social app, and as a tool for celebrities to address their fan-base.

But the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, as they say. For one, Instagram has 300 million active monthly users – that’s roughly the population of the United States. There’s also, for brands shipping internationally or looking for global clients, the fact that Instagram users come mostly from outside the United States, making for a very even global spread. Instagram, followed closely by Twitter then Facebook, is rated the absolute most important social medium used by American teens online.

Food blogs use Instagram as a way to speak to their audience and build a larger one through easily-digestible content in the form of delicious “food porn”. Actors, actresses, and other members of the show business use Instagram to both promote their work and let it bleed into their private lives, profiting from the voyeuristic tendencies of the Internet era through profit and numbers. Brands and businesses use Instagram to share their aesthetically-pleasing products, using Instagram’s incredibly well-designed hashtag system to attract followers – and thus, potential clients.

FollowAdder Can Be a Tool for Influence Marketers to Leverage Their Content

followadder-SoftwareFor one, influence marketers should always be looking for new social networks to bring their content to the next level. It’s one thing to write and post video and images, but it’s another to take that high-quality content and actually promoting it outside the walls of a business blog, or a local blogger’s campaign work.

Instagram is another, if not the next social frontier for influence marketers and networkers to turn content into customers. But on its own, with its limitation of being a mobile-preferred application (business limitation, it’s brilliant from a consumer point-of-view) it can be a difficult business tool to work with. That’s where bots come in, and as bots go, FollowAdder is quite good.

Finally, Does Your Business Need FollowAdder – or Instagram in General?

Dentists don’t need Instagram (yet). Tax advisors don’t need Instagram. Professionals working in the field of service will have a hard time finding a way to promote their work, unless they do consulting or marketing – in which case Instagram can be a great litmus test for potential clients to see your skill in action.

Otherwise, virtually any producer of goods – from chefs to t-shirt print shops – can benefit massively from a well-built Instagram page. As such, they can also benefit from a program meant to aid them in that.

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