iDiamonds: Jewelry for Women, Marketed to Men

iDiamonds: Jewelry for Women, Marketed to Men

When men are tasked with spoiling the women in their lives, time and time again we’ve fallen back on what may have been our trustiest companion for centuries – the diamond. Being the hardest, and arguably the most beautiful little rock in existence, it’s become a custom for us men to present diamonds as a sign of commitment and love – hence, the tradition of the engagement ring.

But where do you get diamonds? Or more aptly, diamond jewelry? And how do you choose your jewelry? Do you just head to the closest Tiffany, probably taking out a loan or depositing a kidney first? Do you head to a pawn shop jeweler?

Or worse, what do you do when there are no jewelers around?

iDiamonds Thinking Of YouFret not, because the Internet’s got your back. Sort of. I mean, we are talking about diamonds here – and diamond jewelry can cost a pretty penny. But with websites like iDiamonds, I might just be convinced to think that there are companies out there with enough of a reputation and enough customer service to warrant paying for an engagement ring via PayPal. But that still doesn’t solve the question of how to choose a ring.

They May Be a Woman’s Best Friend, But Are They a Man’s Best Wingman?

iDiamond is built and designed on a simple foundation – they sell diamond jewelry, but not for you to wear – it’s for you to gift. And naturally, since most men don’t know squat about these shiny little rocks (count me in!) the site dedicates itself to making sure you know what you’re getting – and why you should be getting it. In more ways than one, if you catch my drift.

How is iDiamond Different From Other Jewelry Retailers?

Doing away with the formalities and luxurious, well, pretentiousness that used to surround the custom of high-end jewelry shops, iDiamonds manages to stay classy while really just boiling it down to the basics: you need a gift that says, as loudly and most truthfully as possible, “you’re the most beautiful thing in the world to me, and what we’ve got is as solid as a tiny, iridescent, unbreakable chunk of carbon”. Let the website help you with that. Because it does that kind of stuff pretty well, if nothing else.

Featuring its own “Wingman Blog”, iDiamonds makes it a point to inform its readership of the importance and power of giving and gifting diamonds and diamond jewelry, from rings to earrings and tennis bracelets. And they’ve been featured for their guy-centric attitude on a number of news networks, including CBS News, Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal.

With the Holiday Season and Valentines Not Too Long after, It May Be Time to Think Gifts

idiamonds christmasIt’s almost Christmas time, and while that may mean the yuletide tradition of caroling and loving is just around the corner, it also means it’s the perfect excuse to get something expensive without being derided as wasteful.

Now, sure – a ring isn’t the solution to your relationship ills and pains. And by jove, it most definitely should NOT be. However, diamonds aren’t meant to heal wounds – they’re meant to tear down scabs, and symbolize that you two will get through anything. So if you’ve been going through a particular rough patch with the loved one, or are ready to tell her you love her – why not stick a little symbolism behind your words?

Finally, Is iDiamonds Your Kind of Diamond Retailer?

If you or your lady are in the mood for diamonds this year, then iDiamond is an option you should consider – but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Online, it may be the closest thing you can get to a great retailer who puts customer care above and beyond making a buck, so unless you’ve just fallen in-love with an antique ring at your local jeweler’s down the street, it’s a damn solid option.

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