AudienceGain: Can Your Influence Be Quantified?

AudienceGain: Can Your Influence Be Quantified?

Start-ups have a hard time making a dent in any industry today because of how prominent the Internet has become – without the connections that the tech industry affords startups in Silicon Valley and similar technological metropoles, good content alone isn’t really cutting it. You need a headstart, a boost – and that’s what AudienceGain promises. It’s not about controlling your message – it’s about getting people to listen to it in the first place.

Likes and shares, tweets and retweets, followers and subscribers – why are these things important in the business of business? It’s a critical question any business owner – from the mom-and-pop shop down the street to Nestlé itself – needs to be fully aware of. Social media has become a major focus for marketers everywhere, and that’s both a pro and a con.

On the pro side, it now means that there is a wealth of free knowledge and information readily available for any business to absorb and utilize. But on the con side, lazy social media marketing has become so widespread that users are becoming more critical of the information they consume – as Gary Vaynerchuk put it so eloquently, people are “better at sensing bullsh*t”. The solution? Don’t lie.

But how do you get your company’s truth out there?

Why Is Social Media Important, Again?

socialmediaLet’s break it down a little. Social media is important today because of one simple little compound noun: consumer trust. Trust is huge today. Trust, integrity, honesty. People have more power and choice with their buck now than ever – the Internet has opened up the possibility of buying something from anywhere. Cost is still a huge factor over whether or not people buy something, but ultimately, it’s what others think about a product or service that influences whether or not someone will bite and buy.

And social media controls the reputations of millions of businesses, because no matter whether or not your business is online, there’s a huge possibility that your customers are. And they’re sharing their experiences. Raving about you – or possible cursing you. Whether it’s one or the other is critical – because people listen to people they know.

But don’t let me babble on without proof – the statistics and surveys are there. Out of all media sources, social media has soared more than any other, with an 11 percent gain between this year and the last, versus a 10 percent gain for hybrid and owned media, an 8 percent gain for search engine results, and a 2 percent gain for traditional media. Despite that, however, social media still remains at 59 percent trust levels versus 72 percent trust levels for search engine results, states the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer report.

Another metric shows how earned media (that is, publicity gained through free promotion, especially online and through social media) has some of the most powerful trust a business could hope for. As Inc. notes, most people want to learn about a product through user-generated content rather than advertising, and online ads have become increasingly difficult to justify with the rise of AdBlock.

Can an Influencer Be Legitimized by “Internet Points”?

While it’s easy to establish that content, especially when written by users and spread through word-of-mouth (i.e. earned media) is powerful, the question is – can the influence that content as publicity generates be legitimized by likes, tweets, and so on?

The answer is yes. AudienceGain works because, simply put, it makes what you say more important. People tend to like things that are already established as popular – there’s a bandwagon effect in that the number of likes and shares something gets tends to attract more likes and shares. There’s also the fact that trending content is, well, trendy, and that encourages search engines to pick it up and raise its rank in search results.

Is AudienceGain a Useful Tool to You?

audience-gainThe final question is always the same – is AudienceGain a sensible investment for you and your business? To the start-up, it is. To the business floundering with a lack of a real audience, and with no legitimacy in its market, it is. But to established companies and businesses, it’s a waste of time – organic growth will come naturally once you’ve built even a small audience, because then it just becomes a matter of producing good quality content at a consistent level.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain

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