FutureNet: Your Social Network for Marketers

FutureNet: Your Social Network for Marketers

When we think of social networks, most of us come to think of the power and influence to be had on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where the personal lives and business ambitions of millions of users mesh and intermingle to create a battlefield of ideas, each one’s validity and credibility as fragile as glass. It’s hard to leverage social media in a positive manner. Networking is a big part of doing good business, but places like Facebook aren’t always the best option for searching out your next business partner.

While a lot of us consider social networks a tool in a large arsenal or internet marketing techniques to help ourselves and potentially our clients make the right decisions for their business’ reputation online, for those of us who don’t run a Facebook page for our own personal brand there’s the need for something else to drive networking. That’s what FutureNet markets itself to be.

The need for something more than just Facebook is where the niche for business-based social networks came about. Basically, entrepreneurs wanted a platform that consisted of likeminded ambitious individuals, and not a variety bag of netizens. With that in mind, I made it a goal of mine to look up and find out just how successful some of these specialized social networks really are, and if any of them are of more than just passing interest to me or other entrepreneurs looking to connect. Most specifically, I looked at FutureNet, which calls itself a multimedia network club. Not much is known about them or who they are, but their business model is simple and direct.

Why Does Social Networking Matter?

First of all, as anyone who’s ever had success in the world of business knows, it’s not just your product or services that matter – you matter, too. And the way you present yourself and deal with the people you want to work with is of importance. Proper social networking involves establishing yourself as a brand, while also building on the promise of business collaboration.

That’s a big buzzword in business nowadays – companies have embraced the idea of collaboration by installing and implementing the use of exclusive social networks for employees only, with dashboards to foster an interest and mild competition between employees and their various projects, and a large expanse of communication tools so workers can help each other and inspire one another to do better for the business’ sake.

But for the entrepreneur, social networking and social collaboration is all about building a web of skills and services to further your own offerings – branching out either to service providers or potential partners. FutureNet aims to help you leverage that – and it does do a very good job of it. I haven’t been a member for long but those who have been have left glowing reviews and testimonials on the site.

A Platform for Social Collaboration and More

FutureNet allows you to create a personal profile and establish a base of information and knowledge surrounding your brand and services. You can also communicate with others in your field or other fields, making business partners and scouting out the competition at the same time. But that doesn’t answer the biggest question – what truly sets it apart, other than its user demographic?

What is a “Multimedia Network Club”?

What FutureNet promises – and delivers on – is a social network based mostly on video. That means both live and pre-recorded video, meaning that it works as a dedicated platform to showcase your company but also offer free or paid webinars offering more information on the usage and functions of your products or services.

That makes it especially attractive to businesses, as it helps them show off their product and potentially generate leads, especially in the B2B market.

The question the remains: is this the social network for you? If you’re an entrepreneur specializing in working with other ambitious business persons, then yes, it definitely is.

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